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Trekking Regions in Nepal

Top 6 Best Trekking Routes In Nepal


Nepal is known as one of the best countries when it comes to exploring nature. Do you love the Himalayas or hills, the best land for trekking? Nepal is home to both of these wonderful land structures with many Trekking routes in Nepal. When most people around the world hear the word “Nepal”, the other word buzzing in their mind is “Mt. Everest”. It is not surprising as Nepal is home to this wonderful mountain that connects land and sky.   

As you travel to Nepal by flight to explore nature, the view from the sky as you reach Tribhuvan International Airport will surely make you feel that you do not regret choosing Nepal for the best hike. It is not uncommon that many people who travel to Nepal for other reasons besides trekking, make up their minds to come back for the Nepal trekking tour. 

Every year more than 200,000 visit Nepal to enjoy trekking in different places of Nepal. Most of them select high-altitude areas. As they explore the best “Nepal destinations” for hiking, it puts them in a dilemma to select the best trekking routes in Nepal as there are many wonderful destinations to select from. 

Nothing feels good than connecting with nature and the best way to do so is to walk by them. People looking for the best place to forget themselves in the arms of nature must travel to Nepal at least once in their lifetime. Whether you like the quiet and easy surroundings or you like challenging and tough trekking, there are very few alternatives to Nepal, hiking has got so many good options here. 

Are you looking for exploring the best trekking routes in Nepal? We have listed some of the best trekking places in Nepal to make it easy for you to select the destination that is best suitable for you. So, get yourself ready, we are taking you on a Nepal trekking tour. 

Top Trekking Regions in Nepal

Everest Region

If you look for opinions from people who have visited the Everest region about their experience, they would give you thumbs up. You will find numerous trek routes in Mount Everest Region; however, the most preferred Everest trekking is a hike to Everest base camp. The weather conditions can be difficult as it is extremely cold there due to the high altitude location. So, beginners may find it a little difficult, but it is a heavenly trek for experienced trekkers.

The heart-touching views of the giant mountains including Kala Patthar which just stands just before you will surely make you fall in love with the Himalayas. If you love the challenges and adventures during your trek, then the Everest base camp trek has everything to offer, from dense rhododendron forests to the free-flowing Dudh Koshi River. Everest base camp trip starts from Lukla as you pass through beautiful places like Phakding, Namche Bazaar, Dunghla, and Gorak Shep before reaching the footprints of Mount Everest.

Expect your trek to take around 8 days, so prepare baggage accordingly. We recommend you arrange your trekking during March, April, May, September, October, or December as Spring and Autumn seasons are best for the Everest base camp hike. Unravel the wonders of Everest with our Ultimate Everest Base Camp Trek Guide

Annapurna Region

When people talk about trekking, many include the Annapurna region in their reference as Annapurna trekking has been one of the favorite destinations for people from many parts of the world. So, why has Annapurna trekking become one of the most talked about topics for worldwide trekkers? The reason is its versatility. Annapurna region includes different types of trekking routes from short to long and moderately easy to challenging treks. Among them, the Annapurna base camp trek, Annapurna circuit, and Annapurna Sanctuary are the popular ones.

When it comes to giving competition to the Everest base camp trek, no one comes close to Annapurna Sanctuary. If you are one of those who prefer a simple but full of excitement trek, then this Annapurna trek is just for you. This easy-moderate trek is completed in 10 days on average. You can expect to spend the night comfortably on your journey as you will find many well-facilitated trekking lodges on your way. The route takes you through the footprints of high mountains, passing through beautiful villages and exciting rhododendron forests.  

The Annapurna base camp trek is for those looking to enjoy the wonderful view of the beautiful mountains of Annapurna and Macchapuchhre. The Annapurna base camp trek is the way to reach the bases of those mountains. The difficulty level of the trek is moderate; however, you are required to pass through some rugged trekking trails including stone stairs and rocky boulders. Those difficulties only make your trek exciting and memorable, just remember not to be in a hurry. With this trek, you are also able to explore the lifestyles of Gurung villages.

Do you prefer classic natural scenarios in your trek? If yes, then no look other than the Annapurna circuit trek. This trek fulfills most scenarios that the trekker would expect, from rich mountain vistas to terraced fields, traditional villages to different types of greeneries. The trek is completed within 11 days on average. So, the trek is best for those looking to enjoy stunning views of the Himalayas but have a very short time for the trek. It is best to trek in the Annapurna region when it is clear and dry and it is not that cold. So, we recommend you pack your baggage in October, November, April, or May for the Annapurna trekking. 

Langtang Region

Are you looking to complete your trek in a short time, let’s say in a week? If yes, then Langtang Valley’s short trek is best suited for you. The Langtang valley trek starts at the lower paths in the Langtang valley and as you move forward from Kyanging Gompa, there is a sudden elevation in no time. As there are rapid climbs on the trail, keep yourself ready with preventive care in case of altitude sickness. You will pass through some adventurous forests and alpine meadows as you will enjoy awesome views of Langtang Valley and Langtang Himalayas. With many tea houses located along the route, Langtang trekking provides you with the facility to take a rest at different stops.  

Alongside the rich nature view of Langtang Himal and thunder waterfalls, you get close to the culture of the Tamang people. The ethnic and cultural people from the village are very warm-hearted and friendly and you can always expect to get help from them if you need it during your Langtang trekking. To have clear views of the mountain, it is best to begin the Langtang Valley trek when the weather is clear and warm. So, to enjoy your trek in the Langtang region, the autumn season is best for trekking. 

Manaslu Region

Manaslu trekking is finally getting its deserving popularity recently. Tired of crowded trekking areas! Why not give it a try for Manaslu base camp trekking? With fewer crowds, you are more likely to connect to nature. Manaslu trekking takes around 14 days, so you can say it is sort of moderate-range trekking. 

Manaslu trek starts from Soti Khola, a beautiful village nearby Gandaki River, the start itself is very beautiful. The trek takes you through many natural scenarios which include beautiful forests, rivers, and waterfalls in the Manaslu region. The fascinating view of the 8th highest peak in the world alongside chill water rivers is the main attraction of Manaslu Trek Nepal. The other Himalayas that are enjoyable in Manaslu trekking are Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, and the great Annapurna Himal itself. Crossing over the long and short bridges while exploring the subtropical jungles in Nepal is the best experience you get from Manaslu trekking. 

It is awesome to have weather that is neither cold nor hot for trekking. So, to enjoy your trek in the Manaslu region, the time from late September to mid-December is recommended. The skies are also clear so that you can enjoy the views of the Himalayas. The weather suits going up to Larke Peak. Here are the top reasons why the Manaslu circuit trek adventure is worthwhile.

Upper Mustang Trek

Located in the Northern Mustang Valley, the trek in upper Mustang Valley is famous for exploring ancient caves, jaw-dropping mountainous views, and the cultures of ethnic Tibetan Buddhists. Upper Mustang Valley, the valley famous as the forbidden kingdom of Nepal is the top destination for trekkers from Nepal as well as outside the country. Upper Mustang trekking has everything to offer from tradition, culture, and history to the most beautiful scenarios. The Mustang Valley trek starts from Jomson as you move ahead to Kagbeni. Going through the stones and sands in Lo Manthang and Namgyal, you will end your hike returning from the trail to Jomson. 

The delightful views of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Nilgiri make you forget the challenges of the dry atmosphere. As the Upper Mustang gets very minimal rain, it makes great for monsoon trekking. The recommended time for upper Mustang trekking is March to October to avoid a cold and snowy climate. 

Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek

Dhaulagiri Peak is popular for its unpredictable nature, sometimes the mountain presents itself as calm and quiet before the sudden changes to wild behavior. The Dhaulagiri base camp trek is a way to walk into the footprints of magnificent Dhaulagiri Mountain. Dhaulagiri base camp trekking is challenging and adventurous, so you might want to gain knowledge about the weather and mountain before packing your bags. If you are ready to explore remote villages, walk through some tough paths and take a deep dive into natural wonders, then the Dhaulagiri base camp trek is a blessing for you. 

The Dhaulagiri base camp trek starts from Beni. The first few days are full of exploring the villages of mountains and getting close to people’s culture and traditions. The real climbing starts after you reach Dhoban before reaching the Italian base camp. After a difficult ascend, the land structure changes as you start descending to Yak Kharka. As you go ahead through the roads of the Marpha and Annapurna trail, you will end this challenging, yet exciting trekking at Jomsom. The pre-monsoon season (February to March) or late monsoon season (September to December) are good times for the Dhaulagiri base camp trek as this time the mountains are less snowy, decreasing some levels of challenges. 


Many beautiful places in Nepal are suitable for a wonderful trekking experience. Bold Adventures offer treks that suit individual as well as group needs. The trek activities and routes are available for both beginners as well as experienced trekkers. Know more about tips on how to choose the best trekking company in Nepal. Being an experienced company, Bold Adventurous are aware of the needs of different people meaning you are fully protected to go with Bold. 

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