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Best Trekking Agency In Nepal- Bold Adventures Nepal

Bold Adventures Nepal is your trusted trekking agency in Nepal. The main goal of Bold Adventures Nepal is to provide unforgettable traveling experiences for your lifetime. Bold Adventures Nepal is the top trekking agency in Nepal, proudly sharing information about Nepal’s culture, nature, and best trekking destinations.

We are a professional team with many years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. We have earned your respect and trust over the years by offering Quality services at the most reasonable cost.

What makes us different?

Bold Adventures Nepal is your gateway to discover Nepal’s rich cultural and natural wonders.

  1. Bold Adventures Nepal prioritizes the pristine Himalayan environment, keeping groups small and practicing minimal environmental impact.
  2. Bold Adventures Nepal brings you the best trekking packages at the most affordable price. 
  3. Bold Adventures Nepal offers local knowledge from expert and knowledgeable guides.
  4. Bold Adventures Nepal offers customized trekking packages for exploring iconic destinations in Nepal. 
  5. Bold Adventures Nepal contributes to local communities and supports small businesses.

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Sonam Singh Lama is an esteemed figure in Bold Adventures Nepal. He has been a highly experienced trekking guide since 1998. Sonam’s love for Nepal and the beautiful Himalayan mountains inspires his clients. They have a great trekking experience, even when facing challenges like Everest Base Camp or the Annapurna Circuit.

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Frequently asked questions at Bold Adventures Nepal

Why trek with Bold Adventures Nepal?

If you believe that all travel agencies are the same, it’s time to reconsider that belief! Yes, we are different, we can demonstrate how we are unique. We are the ones who invent, plan, and guide. Our well-trained guides ensure your safe and enjoyable Trekking in Nepal. Our guides will make your trekking experience a memorable day with their rich knowledge. Bold Adventures Nepal is dedicated to offering authentic tours of Nepal’s breathtaking and unadulterated nature.

What is the best time for trek in Nepal?

Nepal is the best destination for tourism activities throughout the year. Every trekking season offers a different perspective and experience. In Nepal, there are four distinct trekking seasons. – Autumn (Sept. – Nov) – Winter (Dec. – Feb.) – Spring (Mar. – May) – Summer (June – Aug.)

What are the basic requirements of trekking?

-A photocopy and an original of an identification card (MANDATORY)

-Raincoat and Backpack (50-60 liter)

-Daypack and raincoat (20-30 liter, If you hire a mule or porter)

-Pet water bottle or hydration pack, 1 liter.

-Trekking shoes, sandals, or floaters (waterproof are better during snow and rain)

How should I dress for a trek?

For the trek, be careful to wear comfortable clothing. You should be alright if you pack warm sweaters, a padded jacket, T-shirts, pairs of warm wool pants, wool and cotton socks, and thermal clothing. Good hiking boots are a need because a 5- to 6-day hike requires them. Additionally, there are rental stores across Kathmandu where you can rent a pair.

What essential documents do I need to bring with me on tour?

Are you planning your trip to Nepal? You may consider the following documents to be with you along the journey: valid passport, travel visa, travel insurance, flight documentation, local currency.

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