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Learn How Much Does The Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

The Everest Base Camp trek is an exhilarating journey, that takes you to the base of the world’s tallest mountain. This is the closest you can get to the majestic Mount Everest without climbing it. Hence, it is one of the most renowned trekking trails in Nepal.

This dream tops the bucket list of any explorer around the world. Numerous challenges stop them from pursuing this magical dream. Starting from cost factors, and health conditions to unforeseen climatic conditions, this dream remains unattainable to many. So, how much does the Everest base camp trek cost?

In this information age, you will find plenty of information regarding the Everest Base Camp Trek. Even so, it is difficult to craft a straight answer to the actual cost price of the trek. Numerous factors decide the pricing which we will be discussing in this article in detail. This way you can figure out the total cost of the Everest base camp trek easily based on your level of comfort, luxury, and budget.

Factors That Affect The Total Cost of Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking to the base of the world’s tallest mountain tops every explorer’s bucket list. However, several challenges tend to get in the way and keep them longing for this goal. These challenges range from budget to bad weather conditions, physical ailments, and so on.

If you are also a trekking enthusiast looking to trek to the Everest Base Camp the cost for the EBC trek is something that you might be worried about. Well, several factors affect the Everest base camp trek cost, including the trekking route, time spent on the trail, the season you choose to trek in, preference for the trekker, and travel agency. Below are discussed all these factors in detail.

Cost in Kathmandu

The Everest base camp trek starts from Kathmandu. Your expenses in Kathmandu include; hotel accommodations and sightseeing expenses. You can easily cut out the expenses by selecting your level of hotels. These hotels range from $ 10-bed economy hotels to 5-star Marriott luxury hotels that cost US$450+ per night. 

Now, if you wish to go on a day tour, that should cost you around $60 to $120 depending on the services that you choose. The price ranges are based on the services that you choose. 

Cost of Transportation

The Everest base camp trek officially starts with an enthralling flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. As numerous trekkers exclaim, this flight is a thrilling experience in itself. This flight from Kathmandu to Lukla should cost you about US$350. However, the price may vary from season to season. This is a luxurious and convenient form of travel. Taking a flight to Lukla is the best option if you are short on time. 

You can also opt for a heli ride from Kathmandu to Lukla, However, it is a costlier option. This should cost you about US$2500. If you want to cut out the cost then you can divide it by traveling with a group of 5 travelers. 

If you have some time in hand, then you can opt for the jeep or bus ride to Jiri from Kathmandu. Then, you will be walking the classic trail to the Everest base camp. This trip should cost you around US$10. This option lowers your travel expenses but adds 5-6 extra days to your trip. You will reach Salleri from Kathmandu in about 8 hours. After that, you will walk for 2 to 3 days to reach Lukla from Salleri. This is a long and uncomfortable journey but this is the best-suited option for when your flight to Lukla gets cancelled due to several reasons. 

Cost of Nepal Visa

People from all around the world except for Indian Nationals require a visa to make entry into Nepal. You can get your visa on arrival at the Tribhuwan International Airport. Here is the list of the cost of a Nepal Visa:

  • USD 30- 15 days multiple entry Visa
  • USD 50- 30 days multiple entry Visa
  • USD 125- 90 days multiple entry Visa

We recommend you get a 1-month visa as most of the Everest base camp trek itineraries take about 12 to 15 days. 

Cost of Trekking Permits

If you are traveling with a trekking company then you don’t have to worry about the trekking permits as well as other requirements. However, if you are travelling on your own and want to learn about the Everest Base Camp Trek Permit cost then worry no more. Here is the list of the trekker’s permits required for the Everest base camp trek below.

The cost of trekking permits in Nepal varies on seasonal factors as well as the routes taken. Being one of the most renowned tourist attractions all over the world, numerous tourists visit here every year. So, to protect this area, Nepal had to introduce some of these permits. 

Trek Card Implementation

As reported, the updated rule is effective from 23rd September 2022; trekkers travelling to the EBC require a trekking card. It is a digital permit to enter the Khumbu region and a visitor safety monitoring system. The major benefit of this card is that; you can scan or tap the card to learn more about the region via your phone. This new Everest camp does not require an extra fee but must pay the entrance fee of the Khumbu Pasang Lhamhu Rural Municipality. 

Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality Entrance Permit

This is a new permit imposed on the first of October 2018. This permit replaced an existing TIMS card. These permits cannot be obtained from Kathmandu, the local government of the Khumbu region directly collects NPR 2000 per person from each foreigner. If you are flying through Lukla. 

Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit

This is an existing permit for entering the National Park. You can obtain this permit either from the National Tourism Board office in Kathmandu or in Monjo at the Park entrance gate. This permit costs around NPR 3000 per person. Obtaining this permit at Monjo is a more convenient option. There is an office in Monjo from where you can obtain a lot of information about the Khumbu region. 

Additional Permit For Jiri To Everest Base Camp Trek

If you follow the classic trek route, then you have to obtain the Gaurishanker conservation area permit. You can receive this permit at Kathmandu in Nepal Tourism Board. This permit cost NPR 3000 per person. 

Cost of Accommodation in Everest Base Camp Trek

The cost of accommodations varies from low-end teahouses to more comfortable ones and also a few luxurious lodges. The average cost of a room per head in a basic teahouse is $3 and the cost for a room with two beds is around $5. As you ascend further the price rises. 

The pricing can rise to $10 at Gorakshep. Whereas, Lobuche has a fixed accommodation rate of $7. 

Cost of Food & Water On Everest Base Camp Trek

Similar to the cost of accommodations, the cost of food and water on the Everest base camp trek also varies from one place to another. Teahouses along the trail on the Everest base camp trek have extensive menus with fewer options as you elevate further.

 Daal Bhat is the staple food in Nepal. The price of this high-carb meal starts from $5 and can go up to $ 15 at Gorakshep. The cost of food at the Everest base camp trek ranges from $5 to $15 per meal.

Hence it will cost you about USD 40-50 per day; including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, if you want to experience luxurious dining then, it should cost you around USD 35 per meal. You can experience fine dining in a luxurious hotel in Lukla, Phakding, and Namche. 

Cost of Guide & Porter On Everest Base Camp Trek

Having a guide and porter is always helpful on the trek. The primal benefit is that they understand the local languages which will make your trek a lot easier. Secondly, they are quite familiar with the trail and will bombard you with plenty of useful information.

Porters will carry your loads thereby helping you to roam around freely and explore lightheartedly, especially at high altitudes where trekking trails tend to get a lot more difficult. 

The average cost of a guide ranges from $30 to $35 per day. Whereas hiring a porter should cost you around $20 to $25 per day. However, the pricing also depends on the guides and porters. High-end guides may charge you up to $50 and above per day. 

Additionally, even though tipping is not mandatory in Nepal, it is still expected. 10% of your overall trip’s price is a good general tip to provide to a porter or a guide. 

Cost of Travel Insurance

There’s no denying that the Everest base camp trek is one of the most thrilling experiences of a lifetime, However, it might be risky as well due to numerous factors like; climatic conditions, rocky trails, unforeseen weather, and many more. You never know what might befall you in the mountains. So, proper travel insurance should be your top priority while trekking the base of the world’s tallest mountain. 

The cost of the Everest base camp trek insurance depends on the activities you will perform on the trail. Usually, 30 days of insurance should cost you about $150.This will cover all the emergencies and your requirements for up to an altitude of 6000 meters. 

The cost of travel insurance is not included in the trekking package cost. You need to purchase the insurance policy before entering Nepal. 

Cost of Trekking Equipment

Having the right gear and equipment is an absolute necessity for the trek. Buying or renting trekking equipment is a big question that arises while shopping for any trek. Often, trekkers tend to make the mistake of hiring or using too much trekking equipment.

So the first step in the way is to figure out what trekking equipment you need. You can refer to a trekking gear list before making your purchase. 

Also, check out:

Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List

Cost Of Hiring Trekking Gear In Nepal

If you are on a budget then it is always better to hire trekking gear and equipment. You can refer to this list for the pricing of hiring trekking gear in Nepal.

You can save a lot of money on hiring trekking gear rather than buying it. This is the average cost for hiring trekking equipment, However, the cost might vary depending on the quality and size of the trekking gear. 

Trekking GearCost/Day
Hiking BootsUSD 1
Camping Tent USD 3-5
Down JacketUSD 1.5
Trekking PolesUSD 1
Sleeping BagUSD 1-2

Cost Of Buying Trekking Gear In Nepal

If you are interested in buying trekking gear in Nepal then, Thamel is the one spot hub for trekkers like you. Whilst buying trekking gear in Nepal, you can either opt for a high-quality product at a high price or go with an average-quality product at a reasonable price. Here’s a price list of the trekking gear in Nepal.

Trekking GearCost
Sleeping BagUSD 5-7
BackpackUSD 33-35
Trekking Poles USD 5-7
Fleece SetUSD 15-20
Headlight USD 20-25

VAT (Value Added Tax) Cost

VAT (Value added tax), is a type of general consumption tax levied on the price of services and products at each point of the sale where value has been added. The Nepal government charges a 13% VAT to all Everest base camp trek operators. You can add up the above-mentioned expenses to figure out the total cost of the Everest base camp trek. 


In a nutshell, the Everest base camp trek cost varies on several factors including; the desired level of comfort, duration of the trek, seasonal factors, and many more.

For the cost of the Everest base camp trek; there is no one fixed price. Roughly, this journey should cost you anywhere from $1500 to $ 4500, depending upon the Everest region you choose.

If safety, experience, and memories are your main concerns, then the price should not stop you from embarking upon this enthralling adventure. With proper planning and preparation, anyone can experience the wonders of the Himalayas.

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